Gateway to the Holy Places
Find Hajj and Umrah packages from independent travel agencies in One Place! is a GATEWAY TO THE HOLY PLACES! It is a community project. It is not a Hajj and Umrah Agency. Think of it as a search engine for Hajj and Umrah packages (like Expedia is for travel packages).  


What does Urood means? The name was suggested by our beloved Abdul Hadi Belamine. Urood means exposition in Arabic. So the idea is that brings together all of the Hajj and Umrah packages in one place! Similar to an exhibition, convention or a conference where all of the vendors come to display their products and services in one place. The convention does not own any of the vendors. It only provides a conduit between the suppliers and buyers. Similarly, does not have any vested interests in any of the agencies. It operates independetly. It provides a neutral avenue for users to find what they need without any interest in any package or agency.


Who Designed the Logo? Urood Logo in Arabic is designed by the famous Caligrapher Basim Alshareef from Baghdad. The logo is nicely decorated with the same flowers that are used on the Kaswa of Kabaa. 

Urood is your platform, so we welcome your comments, feedback and participation. Please spread the word so that every community member can benefit from it. 

Many thanks! 

Kamran Baig / Founder

Ouissal Baig / Co-Founder

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